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Plastic containers and tanks

Plastic containers with good chemical and corrosion resistance from 14 to 15000 litres. We offer a high level of service with short delivery times and install connections to your specific requirements. The containers can be used for mixing, dosing and storage of both acid and alkaline liquids. We supply the Water and waste, water heating and sanitation industries, process industry, pharmaceutical industry, foodstuffs industry and chemical industry.

The containers are manufactured as standard in natural polyethylene but can also be supplied with black pigments. Polyethylene is known for its good resistance to both acid and alkaline liquids and its good corrosion resistance. All products are made of foodstuffapproved materials and the end products are tested according to Normpack's regulations regarding migration.

In addition to the containers we supply a large range of connections and accessories. We install internal threads, flanged connectors and connectors with smooth ends. The specially adapted tank is ready for use directly from delivery. All welding is carried out by certified welders according to SS-EN 13067*. Cipax is also certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Accessories include wheeled stands and fixed legs. The stands are manufactured of acid resistant square profile in SS 2343 material for the really harsh environments. They can also be delivered painted. In addition to this we can also install hand operated paddles, valves and special solutions.

Because the products are rotational moulded there are no joints, which gives a product without any weak points. Together with the large radius this simplifies cleaning. At the end of the product’s life cycle the material can be recycled. When the containers are manufactured in natural material the fluid level can be seen through the container. Rotational moulded tanks function within a broad temperature range from approximately -30°C to +50°C, at temperatures higher than 40°C we recommend that you contact your contact person for more information.

*(Plastic Welding Personnel -Qualification Testing of Welders –Thermoplastic Welded assemblies)

For additional information please contact:
Jesper Gustavsson
tel: +46 (0)175 252 00

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