Different demands and needs - the same solution

Since Cipax has delivered solutions to many industries throughout the Nordic and Baltic region, we have been introduced to many interesting requirements and demands. We bring this experience with us when we design and produce complete “tailor-made products” through rotational moulding.


By taking advantage of rotational moulding’s greatest advantages, i.e. that the product can be designed more or less according to their own wishes, most of Cipax customers have been able to create packaging that combines design and function. Examples of packaging solutions are hygienic pallets for foodstuffs, transport boxes for e.g gearboxes as well as specially designed parts for shop interiors.

Marine products

When products are to be used in the gruelling marine environment, rotational moulding is outstandingly suited. The combination of UVresistant material, corrosion resistance and the possibility of foam-filled products are interesting
for e.g boats, panels, floats and boat seats. Together with leading participants, we develop tomorrow’s floats that integrate more functions than before in one product. Different outer structures are an interesting element in many marine products where safety can be combined with interesting design.

Under ground products

An underground product is designed to withstand the harsh strains that exist in the underground environment, such as earth and groundwater pressure. The product shown is a pump station and has an integrated box for placing an electronic unit. Cipax machine park allows for products up to 20,000 liter. Rotational moulding techniques also work well for underground products such as pump stations, wells and tanks.


Heavy vehicles

Impact resistant products that are designed according to specific customer wishes appeal to operators who value the combination of low tooling costs and the possibility of incorporating accessories into the product. Assembling of
accessories and components is done before the finished product can be delivered to the customer.

The product above is a very complicated product that contains a large number of included parts and fitted accessories. At assembling, the product is completed with a lock mechanism, a suspension device, as well as a door that should handle loads of over 100 kg. The rotational moulded product has a wide temperature range which means that it can be fitted to an exposed point in a heavy vehicle where it will be exposed to cold, warm as well as rough conditions.


Covers are often fitted very visibly on the end product and a pleasing design and outer finish is very important. The combination of different outer structures gives better durability against wear, while at the same time it can be used as a means of enhancing the exterior design. The price of the tools to manufacture rotational moulded covers is a
fraction of what the same product would be using another manufacturing method.



Many of the pipes Cipax has produced have had advanced design where tolerances have been very small. To meet these hard demands, we are working continually with different quality instruments to predict any deviations and follow up the results. Rotational moulded pipes are to be found for example on heavy vehicles, district heating systems, cash handling machines and feeding systems.


Tanks are the product group where we at Cipax probably have the most experience when it comes to design and manufacture since we have taken part in countless projects whose purpose is a specially adapted tank. Rotational moulded tanks can today be found in a large number of areas such as: Water, Hydraulic fluid, Fuel, Septic,Chemical and Urea. Involving Cipax early in your next project means that you gain from our experience and the resources we have available. The space in a modern vehicle is extremely limited and therefore results in many projects having highly specialised products that live up to high demands. A large challenge with a tank is to deliver an end product that must be entirely free from machining waste. In this case, Cipax washing facility is a very great benefit.

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