Much more than a ready product

Regardless of the demand or need we have created solutions that utilize the fundamental advantages of rotational moulded products. Rotational moulding offer tension free products in one piece without mould joints, which means stable products that are easier to clean.

Since our customers are often aiming for environmentally-friendly, recyclable and food approved materials, we use polyethylene to a great extent, which also offers excellent mechanical properties and good chemical durability.

The manufacturing method offers tremendous freedom for product design, allowing for “tailor-made products”. Combined with the relatively low costs for the moulding tools, this creates an appealing solution even with short runs.

By using Cipax’s resources, we can jointly find the best overall solution and therefore become a long-term partner.

Co-operation begins already at the creative stage where the combination of requirements and rotational moulding’s advantages balance one another to bring about an optimal design. Tools are produced in close co-operation with chosen suppliers. Manufacturing occurs thereafter in the most appropriate production equipment. Machining is done manually, or when demands are extra high, through CNC-machining. The product is often completed through
the assembly of components to make the finished product. When there are high demands on cleanliness, the product is cleaned in our washing facility. Cipax finally offers logistic solutions, of which EDI is an important part.


Cipax companies are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, where we place demands on ourselves and our suppliers to constantly develop quality. Our environmental work is run according to ISO 14001:2004 where the companies in Sweden and Norway are certified and will soon be joined by the Taebla unit in Estonia.

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